Asterisk with C*NET Extensions

DISCLAIMER: The modified versions of Asterisk and DAHDI on this site are neither endorsed nor supported by Digium. They are mainly intended for use with C*NET, the Telephone Collectors' Network. If you want official versions of Asterisk and DAHDI, please go to the official Asterisk site.

Please note that the modified Asterisk and DAHDI presented here are only relevant if you are using DAHDI-compatible hardware. If you are using SIP media gateways and/or ATAs to interface with analog circuits, you will get no benefits from running this version, and you're better off running the official version of Asterisk.

Asterisk-cnet and DAHDI-cnet should be considered a suite; you need both to take advantage of all the extra features.

NOTE: Asterisk-cnet 1.2.x, Asterisk-cnet 1.4.x, Asterisk-cnet 1.8.x, and Zaptel-cnet (any version) are no longer maintained and should be considered as DEPRECATED.

Asterisk-cnet 13.21-cnet1: full sources or patch set
DAHDI-cnet Drivers 2.11.1: full sources or patch set
DAHDI-cnet Tools 2.11.1: full sources or patch set

If you are running a 2.6 kernel (e.g. CentOS 6), you might want to use an earlier DAHDI:
2.7.0 Drivers: full sources or patch set
2.7.0 Tools: full sources or patch set

Asterisk-cnet full sources or Asterisk-cnet 1.4.44: full sources or patch set
Asterisk-cnet 1.2.36: full sources
Zaptel-cnet 1.2.26: full sources
Zaptel-cnet full sources

This is a patched version of Digium's Asterisk PBX and DAHDI telephony drivers, primarily intended for antique telephone and switch collectors. It has the following enhancements:

  • Distinctive secondary dial tones are available, so that internal (PBX) dial tone can be distinguished from the "outside" dial tone.
  • Configurable first digit, intermediate digit, and match digit timeouts.
  • FXS ports on TDM400P cards (wctdm driver) can be configured to provide alternative ringing frequencies for frequency-selective ringers.
  • More reasonable pulse debounce setting for improved pulse dialing performance on TDM400P FXS ports.
  • Dial pulse mappings to handle the unusual rotary dial arrangements used in Sweden, New Zealand, and Oslo, Norway.
  • Configurable option to make FXO ports ignore "flash forward" signals.
  • Pulse logging for dial speed testing.
  • DKMS support to automatically rebuild DAHDI modules when a new kernel is installed. I only recommend this on Debian-based systems due to the weak-modules shenanigans on RHEL-based systems.
  • DEPRECATED: Configurable option to make dial or DTMF pulsing on FXO ports audible to the caller. This is directly based on Max Parke's Asterisk and Zaptel patches, but it is configurable per channel, and it does not have his SF signalling additions. Unfortunately, attempts to get that working with recent DAHDI revisions have been fruitless, and this should be considered as deprecated. At best I can get a short burst of dial tone when picking up an FXO port. If you really want this feature, you should use asterisk-cnet 1.2 and Zaptel 1.2, and if it's going to be exposed to the internet, put it behind a modern Asterisk box!

  • See the instructions to take advantage of the extra features.