This should only be used with Asterisk 1.4 or earlier. It may be used with vanilla Asterisk or with Asterisk-cnet.

This is a little application, written in C, that may be installed into Asterisk to provide simulated panel revertive pulsing sounds to a caller. It expects a four-digit extension number.

  • Download the application sources.
  • Untar the tarball and change to its directory.
  • make && make install
  • Restart Asterisk.

In your extensions.conf file, you could set up an sample extension as follows:

exten => 1234,1,RPSim(${EXTEN})
exten => 1234,n,Progress
exten => 1234,n,Ringing
exten => 1234,n,Wait(10)
exten => 1234,n,Answer
exten => 1234,n,Playback(tt-weasels)
exten => 1234,n,Hangup

Credit goes to Evan Doorbell's Panel Pulsing Lover's Tape, available on the Phone Trips site, which inspired this application and provided the pulse sounds.